Company Culture

11Shandong Yue'an:

Yue'an mission: to help colleagues grow, work with partners to achieve a win-win situation, and make people's lives happy and healthy!

Yue'an Vision: To become an industry leader that customers rely on and employees love!

Yue'an philosophy: People-oriented, honesty to win trust, quality to win, to expand the world with new

Yue'an Talent View: Use morality and talent exceptionally, cultivate and use morality and talent, restrict use without morality and talent, and resolutely use it without morality and talent.

Yue'an spirit: pragmatic, innovative, hardworking, efficient

Yue'an style: respond quickly and act immediately

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Shandong Yue'an New Material Co., Ltd.

Domestic telephone:+86-530-5725117

Foreign trade telephone:+86-530-5725388

Service Phone:+86-530-5333890 

Address: Junction of Danyang Road, Shanghai Road, Development Zone, Heze City, Shandong Province

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