Service tenet: meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations

Service concept: Humanity rewards honesty; business rewards faith; industry rewards elite.

Service goal: enhance customer satisfaction

Commitment terms:

1. The product delivery qualification rate is 100%;

2. Respond to customer complaints on the same day;

3. On-site treatment is required. The province rushes to the site within 24 hours, and the province rushes to the site within 48 hours, and solves the problem within 24 hours

4. Provide technical support for many years

Dedicated telephone:0530-533890

24-hour telephone:400-653-1185

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Business License

Shandong Yue'an New Material Co., Ltd.

Domestic telephone:+86-530-5725117

Foreign trade telephone:+86-530-5725388

Service Phone:+86-530-5333890 

Address: Junction of Danyang Road, Shanghai Road, Development Zone, Heze City, Shandong Province

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