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The company is a leading high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerant research and development, production and sales of professional manufacturers. The company pays attention to the research and development of resource-saving and environment-friendly products. In 2017, the company hired a number of domestic petrochemical and refrigerant experts as the company's perennial technical consultants, and jointly developed new green mixed refrigerants with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, universities, and scientific research institutes. It has obtained 11 patents and is a domestic high-tech enterprise with patented technology to produce new green and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigeration.

Sale Manager:James Wang
Email :
Whatsapp : 0086-15668263879
skype: james7983
ADD:Shanghai Road,Heze Development Zone,Heze City,Shandong Province,China.274000


Sale Manager:Jack
Email :
WhatsApp : 0086-13954010526
skype: Jackr600a

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Shandong Yue'an New Material Co., Ltd.

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