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Yue'an Chemical has a sound product after-sales technical service system, strict measures and strong technical force in product after-sales service, which can ensure that where the product is, the service team will be there. Meet the various requirements of users on product technical services to the greatest possible extent. Yue'an Chemical has also established a strong sales network and offices throughout the country. This not only includes providing you with advanced design solutions, high-quality products and preferential prices, but also providing good technical support and after-sales service. Before we know your needs and satisfaction, our work will not stop.


Yue'an pre-sale service commitment:

1. Provide product design and manufacturing for special needs to meet the individual needs of customers.

2. Yue'an Chemical strictly arranges production and shipment in accordance with the contract, and guarantees to supply according to the contract time.


After-sales service commitment:

1. Implement three guarantees for sold products. During the three guarantees period, if there are problems caused by product manufacturing quality, the factory will repair, replace, and return; for problems caused by other reasons, the factory will actively assist users in solving problems. To ensure that the products are put into operation in time, and reduce the accident loss to a minimum

2. Adhere to the principle of quality first and user supremacy, and always follow the call of the user. When on-site service is required, our factory guarantees to give a reply within 24 hours after receiving the user’s notice, and reach the scene within 72 hours. The fastest means of transportation arrived within 32 hours.

3. If there is a quality problem within the scope of use, Yue'an is responsible for free maintenance, and will arrive or reply within 2-5 hours of receiving the user's call.



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