Corporate Philosophy

1. Focus on professionalism. The company's 12 years of development, 12 years of persistence, and 12 years of hard work have not changed our original intention. We do not make any products, only make hydrocarbon refrigerants. In the future, we will concentrate on making hydrocarbon refrigerants and make the refrigerant the best.

2. Excellent quality: The quality score of R600a of national standard I is 99.5%, the highest quality score of domestic customers is 99.95%, and the quality score of our products reaches 99.99%, which meets the highest requirements of national refrigerators. In 2015, the company invested more than 20 million yuan to completely transform the original production equipment, becoming the first domestic manufacturer of R290 high-purity products (99.99%), and applied for a manufacturing invention patent. In 2015, the delivery pass rate of our customers' products was 100%, and the social return rate was 260ppm.

3. R&D capability: Zhang Mao, general manager of the company, is 39 years old. Graduated from Northeastern University, one of the first batch of national key universities directly under the Ministry of Education to enter the national "211" project, bachelor degree, double bachelor degree, senior engineer. After graduation, he has been engaged in chemical production, management, technology, research and development, and has applied for invention patents for refrigerant production and manufacturing technology. He was once rated as an excellent project management talent by China National Offshore Oil Corporation-Huizhou Oil Refining Project, and many articles were published by chemical industry newspapers and safety production newspapers. He has been employed as a member of the Safety Production Committee of Shandong Provincial People's Government and Heze Municipal People's Government for many times. Member of the Work Safety Committee. There is an 11-person R&D team under his command, all of whom are undergraduates, and provide graduation certificates when needed. American shareholders and Canadian shareholders often provide information and technical support for the company's research and development. In 2014, they successfully developed Samsung, Toshiba and other companies.

4. The company has successively invested more than 2 million yuan to establish a laboratory with complete testing equipment. The main testing equipment includes: gas chromatograph (Shimadzu), sulfur analyzer, moisture analyzer, etc. All indicators of national standard refrigerants can be tested by our company. Provide a reliable guarantee for the production of high-quality products.

5. Have a stable customer base: the main customers are Midea, Gree, Samsung, Omar, Xinfei, Xingxing, Aucma. The company's hydrocarbon refrigerants (r600a) have a market share of about 40%.

6. Cost advantages: First, our company is located in Heze City, Shandong Province, and the procurement radius with major material suppliers Luoyang Petrochemical, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Yuhuang Chemical, and Dongming Petrochemical is less than 300 kilometers, and the procurement cost is lower; second, Heze The labor cost is relatively low, and the minimum wage in 2016 is 1390 yuan per month; third, the production equipment is controlled by DCS fully automatic computer, with high production efficiency (30 tons/day) and low labor (5 people can operate in a shift). Based on the above 3 points, our company is willing to provide customers with cheap and high-quality refrigerant products.

7. Sufficient production capacity. The current market demand for hydrocarbon refrigerants is about 12,000 tons per year, and our company's production capacity reaches 10,000 tons per year, accounting for 80% of the market demand.

8. Safe production is guaranteed. In 2012, it passed the audit of the three-level safety standard and obtained the certificate. The company's production, storage, and transportation are strictly implemented in accordance with the standardization requirements, and no safety accident has occurred. Based on the business philosophy of "people-oriented, honesty, quality, and new development", the company has planned a vision for less than 3 to 5 years. Within 5 years, we will devote ourselves to building a top-quality brand in China.



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