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The second ATMOsphere China Natural Refrigerant Technology Summit Forum was held in Shanghai. This meeting will focus on the process of refrigerant substitution after the entry into force of the "Montreal Protocol Kigali Amendment", including domestic and foreign policies related to alternative refrigerants, the progress of regulations and standards, the application status of natural refrigerant equipment in various fields, Challenges and solutions faced by Chinese enterprises in the implementation of HCFCs elimination and HFCs reduction plans.

Ms. Yang Ping, Deputy General Manager of Industry Online, was invited to participate in the conference and analyzed the subject of "China's Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market Operation Characteristics and Development Trends" in terms of market size, product characteristics and future development trends of the industry.

The future of commercial refrigeration equipment: "cautious" and "optimistic"

From 2012 to 2018, the total amount of the commercial refrigeration equipment industry increased from 26 billion yuan to 51.9 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 10.4% in 2018. The large-scale commercial refrigeration section and the light-duty commercial refrigeration section have been made for the industry with 2016 as the time node. Increase contribution. Regarding the future development of commercial refrigeration equipment, Ms. Yang Ping also gave a prediction: "We can use two words to summarize,'cautious' and'optimistic.' By 2022, the scale of China's commercial refrigeration equipment will reach 73.3 billion yuan. , The growth rate will reach more than 10%. Among them, "cautious" is mainly reflected in large-scale commercial refrigeration equipment, with a compound growth rate of about 6% in the past five years and a scale of 31.3 billion yuan; and "optimism" is reflected in light commercial refrigeration The development of equipment is expected to have a compound growth rate of 11.3% in the next five years and a scale of 42 billion yuan."

Many commercial refrigeration equipment products are difficult to form a joint force to promote industry progress. It is necessary to pay attention to categories with siphon effect, such as vending machines, medical refrigerators, commercial ice machines, etc., and pay attention to types with high overlap in product applications, such as commercial ice making The linkage between the machine and the kitchen refrigerator can increase the market scale of the product more quickly.


The use of environmentally friendly refrigerants will increase in 2024

In 2018, the application proportion of R22 in commercial refrigeration equipment in my country was about 33.5%, and the proportion of HFCs type refrigerants exceeded 25%. Subdivided industry sectors, the main refrigerants used in light commercial refrigeration equipment are R134a, R404A, R290, and R600a, of which R290 accounts for an increase year by year, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50% in 2018; refrigerants used in large commercial refrigeration equipment are mainly R22 and R134a , R404A, CO2, NH3, etc., of which R22 accounts for a relatively high proportion.

Speaking of the future development trend of refrigerants for commercial refrigeration equipment, Ms. Yang Ping pointed out: "As a signatory to the Montreal Protocol, the proportion of HCFCs used in commercial refrigeration equipment in China will continue to decrease. It is expected that the proportion of R22 will decline by 2024. To 23%. At present, as a transitional refrigerant, HFCs will also be used in domestic commercial refrigeration equipment. With the increase of large commercial refrigeration equipment, the use of R404A will increase to 38%. The background of the Kigali amendment Internationally, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have banned the use of HFCs in new commercial refrigeration equipment. With the increase of domestic enterprise product exports, the enterprise level and industry related departments are also paying attention to the replacement of domestic HFCs. And take action. In the recent two days of Refrigeration Exhibition, we have seen that more and more companies are promoting environmentally friendly refrigerants and natural refrigerants, and the exhibits have increased significantly compared with previous years."

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