The rise of hydrocarbon refrigerants in the world, huge market space will open


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Currently, hydrocarbon refrigerants are blooming all over the world, and more and more application fields begin to use hydrocarbon refrigerants, and their market scale is rapidly expanding.

At the International Conference on the Application Design, Manufacturing and Installation of R290 Refrigerant in the Room Air Conditioner Industry in April, SHECCO Asia Pacific Business Development Manager Jan Duusek introduced in detail the application cases of hydrocarbon refrigerants in the world. It is not difficult to find through these cases. Hydrocarbon refrigerants have formed a global climate.

JanDusek said that the field of household refrigerators/freezers is by far the most successful case of hydrocarbon refrigerants in the world. At present, more than 700 million household refrigerators worldwide use hydrocarbon refrigerants. Among the newly produced household refrigerator/freezer equipment in the world 50% use hydrocarbon refrigerants. By 2020, it is estimated that 75% of newly produced household refrigerators/freezers will use hydrocarbon refrigerants R600a or R290 as refrigerants.

In the field of commercial refrigeration, more and more consumer brands choose hydrocarbon refrigerants as the selling point of their equipment, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, Heineken, SABMiller, Ben&Jerry's and other global beverages, beer and ice cream Giant. There are 1.35 million beverage vending machines in Japan that use hydrocarbon refrigerants or carbon dioxide as refrigerants, and more than 550,000 vending machines on the market use hydrocarbon refrigerant R600a. The market share of vending machines using hydrocarbon refrigerants exceeds 50%, it only took 10 years for Japan to achieve this huge breakthrough.

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