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On January 1, 2019, the Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol officially entered into force. Faced with the dual pressure of accelerated HCFC-22 elimination and global reduction of HFCs, the choice of alternative refrigerant technology is particularly critical. In commercial refrigerator products, the application of R290 refrigerant has been attracting attention in recent years. In May 2019, IEC approved Increasing the charge limit of A3 refrigerant from 150 grams to 500 grams, once again pushed the application of R290 refrigerant into a boom.

According to Industry Online, light commercial cabinets and compressors that use R290 refrigerant have been industrialized. The complete machine companies Haier, Hisense, Hairong, Aucma, Xingxing, Panasonic Cold Chain, etc. have begun to supply R290 refrigerant in batches. For products, compressor companies Changhong Huayi, Embraco, Dongbei, Wanbao, Secop, etc. also have mass production capabilities. Industry Online believes that R290 refrigerant has broad application prospects in light commercial cabinets.

On November 6, 2019, the Collaborative Innovation Center for Light Commercial Refrigeration (Air Conditioning) Industry of the Chinese Society of Refrigeration-Wang Congfei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Refrigeration, Yan Gang, Associate Professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Yang Ping, General Manager of Industry Online, went to Qingdao Hairong Commercial Refrigeration Chain Co., Ltd. visited and exchanged views.

In the exchange forum, Hairong Director/Technical Deputy General Manager Ma Hongkui shared in detail the company’s overall situation, development history and the development direction of light commercial cabinet products. Xing Shan, senior product manager of Industry Online, reported on Industry Online from the data level. In the research results of the light commercial cabinet industry, we conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the development of the light commercial cabinet industry.

Gao Ning, Director of Hairong Supermarket, introduced the research and development background, innovation history and application scenarios of new freezers such as SD-480 and SD-700 using R290 high-efficiency inverter compressors, and pointed out that the new freezers can save up to 30% more energy than other ordinary products. .
Li Shu, Sales Director of Embraco Commercial Compressor, gave a detailed interpretation of the full-drive variable frequency R290 compressor released this time, and pointed out that the future R290 refrigerant will not only have a broad development space in China, but also in the world.
Associate Professor Yan Gang from Xi'an Jiaotong University answered questions about the safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other advantages of R290 from a professional perspective, as well as the development trend of commercial inverters. Professor Yan emphasized that the safety issues of R290 are controllable through methods such as charge limit, process and technology improvement. Regarding the application of inverter compressors in light commercial cabinets, Professor Yan proposed that the variable flow rate adjustment method of inverter compressors can make up for the limitation of the single working condition setting of fixed speed compressors. A large number of experimental results prove that the application of inverter compressors is realized. In order to achieve rapid cooling and temperature reduction, and at the same time to operate efficiently and keep warm under low load, the energy saving advantage is very obvious.
Wang Congfei, deputy secretary general of the Chinese Society of Refrigeration, interpreted the development trend and future prospects of R290 refrigerant and frequency conversion from the perspective of the industrial environment and national policies. Secretary-General Wang pointed out that R290 is the development trend of the industry, especially the charge of A3 type refrigerant approved by IEC will better promote the application of R290. At the same time, the "Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan" issued by the state will promote the development of cold chain equipment. Some requirements were also put forward. The use of new refrigerants, including frequency conversion technology, must be the main direction of future development. The Society is also very willing to promote these tasks with the majority of manufacturers in the industry.
Yang Ping, general manager of Industry Online, shared the application potential of R290 refrigerant and frequency conversion from the perspective of big data. Industry online data shows that the current proportion of R290 refrigerant compressors in commercial refrigeration compressors has exceeded 30%, and the growth rate has reached more than 30%; in terms of frequency conversion, the current domestic refrigerator frequency conversion ratio has reached 37%, maintaining double The number of digits increases. Under the background of energy saving and environmental protection, it is foreseeable that the frequency conversion popularity of commercial products will also increase rapidly in the future. Mr. Yang pointed out that the application of compressors combining R290 refrigerant and inverter technology in commercial refrigerators will further enhance the technological progress of commercial refrigerators, especially light commercial cabinets, and open up the gap in competition. R290 refrigerant and inverter products are becoming commercial refrigeration equipment. Hardcore products.

In addition, the "Light Commercial Refrigeration Industry Technology Development Report" written by the Collaborative Innovation Center of Light Commercial Refrigeration (Air Conditioning) Industry of the Chinese Society of Refrigeration will be released at the Refrigeration Exhibition in April next year. Industry Online, as a member of the Innovation Center, participated in the report. Write and provide a large amount of detailed market data analysis, and strive to promote the development of the light commercial refrigeration industry with colleagues in the innovation center and the industry.

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